Unlock the radiance in your skin after lockdown

Unlock the radiance in your skin after lockdown with ~

Detoxygene Facial ~ NEW ~ from Guinot

A detoxifying & re-oxygenating manual face treatment suitable for all ages and skin types.

Any type of skin can become asphyxiated…. And not just in urban areas.

You can regularly be exposed unavoidably to environmental pollution within the atmosphere you live / work in.

Lifestyle also plays a big part in the health of your skin.

Poor diet, lack of sleep, & stress effect and inhibit the body/skin from fully cleansing itself.

Detoxygene Facial absorbs toxins and impurities in the skin thereby refining and smoothing the complexion.

Extract of papaya gently lifts dead skin cells, whilst a green clay mask acts as a pollution magnet to eliminate toxins from the skin ….deeply cleansed the skin then benefits from anti-oxidant brown algae, moringa seed extract ( high in Vitamin C ) & hyaluronic acid.

Monthly Detoxygene Facials reinforce the skin with considerable protection against the harmful effects of pollutants

Deep Clean Power Package

Suggestion ( over 3 weeks ) ~ £150 ~ Special Offer April 2021

Week 1 ~ Hydraclean

Week 2 ~ Detoxygene

Week 3 ~ Hydra Peeling