Mask on …get set & GLOW !

Set aside a regular evening each week for this important step of your skin care….

Visible results from time invested in a weekly mask are :-
• Skin appears brighter and more radiant
• Pores are refined so complexion is smoother
• Deep hydration quenches thirsty skin and helps minimise fine lines and scarring
• Restorative to acid mantle adding to skin health
• Anti ageing effects
• Detoxifying and helps combat spots and blemishes
• Helpful to calm and soothe sensitive irritated skin with redness (mild rosacea )

There are masks for all skin types and to suit all occasions ….So choose the time & mask for you.

Here are 7 of our Favourites in stock :-

The ‘multi-task mask’… applied in a thick, creamy layer to deeply drench the skin … you can sleep in it, do the ironing, tidy a cupboard, send an email and emerge with hydrated skin

C.A.C.I. Hydro Mask

The ‘20 minute lie down Mask’ … this gel mask is fresh out of the packet infused with skin-loving ingredients ;
Collagen, hyaluronic acid,& rosewater.
An ultimate skin saviour replenishing lost hydration,reducing redness and calming a stressed tired complexion

The ‘In the bath aromatic Mask’ – Although this is an amazing Cleansing Balm it doubles up as a fab nourishing aromatherapy mask enhanced by a steamy bath to release the healing essential oils

The ‘head clearing’ mask – another aromatic treatment mask for dry skin with added benefits….helps alleviate muggy head, eyestrain with dark circles & sinus congestion.

The ‘ Time poor ’ Mask – Lightly exfoliating and ideal for dull and tired looking skin…. apply a generous layer and leave for just 10 mins…. removing to reveal an illuminated, rehydrated and well-rested GLOW !

The ‘reset and glow’ Mask – a mineral-rich mask that refines pores and instantly revitalises sallow, combination skin types
Apply this velvety mousse texture Nordic mud, relax and deep breathe for 15 mins ….. don’t answer the door !

The ‘cool, calm balm’ Mask – super creamy mask that alleviates heat, sensitivity and redness in the skin
This mask soothes and moisturises these unhappy skin types after exposure to external irritants or allergies