The Benefits of Body Brushing

The Skin is a major organ of elimination just like our kidneys and colon. These organs do a valiant job in keeping us free of toxins and waste. If the skin becomes sluggish, due to poor circulation and clogged with dead cells and impurities, cell metabolism, health and appearance of the skin are compromised.

Dry skin body brushing stimulates lymph and blood flow helping with the removal of impurities from under the skin’s surface. It is extremely effective for encouraging cellulite deposits to disperse.

Make skin brushing a regular habit and watch the improvement in skin tone, quality and softness.

Ensure that your new ritual is realistic and suiting your lifestyle and skin sensitivity:-
Eg. 3x a week using light pressure could be a good starting point prior to bathing.

Each brush stroke should be followed by a hand stroke creating a warm erythema at the surface of your skin; this should feel comfortable and not at all painful.

Focus the strokes toward the heart, starting at the ankles, it is even recommended to carry out a few strokes to the back of the neck. Avoid the face and do not use over irritated or broken skin.

The benefits should start to be visible after 2 weeks.

The Elemis Body Brush is highly recommended with natural cactus bristles that are perfect for the task at hand.

Elemis Skin Brush