Guinot Skincare

Hydradermie2 Facials

  • Hydradermie2 (Original) £68 Single Treatment
    £195 Course of 3

    This 'Superstar' French facial uses double ionisation to deeply cleanse, rejuvenate & refine all skin types. Very effective for acne.

  • Hydradermie2 Agelogic £85 Single Treatment
    £240 Course of 3

    A luxury anti-aging version of Hydradermie2 with added toning & firming serums to rejuvenate the face, eyes & décolleté

  • Hydradermie2 Lift Express £54 Single Treatment
    £480 Course of 10

    (Original) A non-surgical lifting treatment giving facial muscles a workout restoring volume & tone.

  • Hydra Cellular Energy £76 Single Treatment

    Advanced Hydradermie.

  • Hydra Cellular Energy - with lift £92 Single Treatment

    Advanced Hydradermie.

  • Eye Logic £54 Single Treatment

    A unique treatment targeting signs of ageing & tiredness around the delicate eye area.

Guinot Body Treatments


Energising & Renewing Facials

  • Lift Summum - new for 2019 £76 Single Treatment

    The instant lifting treatment

  • Age Summum Facial £76 Single Treatment

    The manual equivalent of the facial above, using the powerful trio of age defying ingredients: Vitamin C, Procollagen & Hyaluronic acid.

ELEMIS Skincare

ELEMIS Facials

  • ELEMIS Pro-Collagen / Pro Definition £77

    Age defying facials targeting wrinkles & contours

  • ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing
    Precision Peel
  • ELEMIS Superfood Pro-Radiance £72

Specialised Hand & Footcare

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

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