Become your own Skincare Expert

Reasons for cleansing have become even more important in this century ….prolonged mask wearing, greater pollution and the staying-power of today’s makeup to name but a few Foundation creams, sun protection creams, skin debris, pollutants and toxins need to be emulsified and swept away from the surface of the epidermis by your cleansing milk/cream or balm often needing a double cleanse to be thorough.

Don’t be tempted to use makeup wipes to remove foundation creams… these clever ‘masters of disguise’ formulations are designed to hold and stay on the skin for 24 hrs plus !

Your skin performs its greatest task at night (along with a good night’s rest) of repairing & replenishing itself. Preparing the skin with a good cleansing ritual enables it to receive and fully absorb beneficial ingredients from your night cream & to BREATHE !


  1. Cleanse as soon as you get home from work/exercise OR a great routine would be at 8.50pm before the 9pm film or before you get too tired ! – Guinot Lait Hydra Beaute 
  2. Apply your chosen cleanser with warm palms in circular upward sweeping movements ( don t forget the neck ) –  ELEMIS Superfood  AHA Glow Cleansing Butter  – Remove with damp cotton wool or washable bamboo pads
  3. Choose a seperate gentle eye makeup remover for your eyes  – Guinot ~Demaquillant Express Yeux   – either with damp cotton wool or washable/reusable soft microfiber pad.
  4. After removing the initial layer of daily grime/make up & skin secretions enhance your second cleanse with a clean, warm muslin cloth (optional )… remove and tone to remove residual cleanser – Guinot Lotion Hydra Beaute 
  5. This can be shortened to one cleanse in the morning and if you prefer a wakeup splash of water then a Facial Wash – ELEMIS Superfood Facial Wash  a good alternative
  6. Some Cleansers do more than just cleanse – Guinot Clean Logic Treatment Cleansing Cream  | ELEMIS Sensitive Cleansing Wash soothing /calming
  7. Masks can become an enclosed incubator for bacteria and micro-organisms so always leave the house with a clean mask.
  8. Request a virtual consultation to review your skincare regime
  9. Drink plenty of water & keep a check on your Vitamin C, D & zinc intake

We will be introducing some NEW products / treatments at Beautique to address and help you overcome some of these current concerns